Sports complex info looming

Details about a running track and sports field should be in front of politicians before Christmas

There could soon be a decision on a possibly scaled-back sports complex plan.

It’s expected further details about a running track and sports field next to Okanagan College will be brought before Greater Vernon politicians before Christmas.

“We’re hoping in December because we want to get it off the plate,” said Trafford Hall, Regional District of North Okanagan administrator.

Members of the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee recently instructed staff to examine the estimated costs of the facility with the intention of reducing the cost.

The April 6 referendum presently asks for $8.5 million to be borrowed.

As part of the review process, any changes to the project must meet the terms of the lease agreement with Okanagan College.

Options may include removing items, reducing the scale of items or phasing in at a later date.

The requirement for off-site works, such as sidewalks and storm sewer, will also be negotiated with the District of Coldstream.

But while the exact details are not known, residents continue to be provided with information about the need for a sports facility.

“There’s lots of  hard work being put in by our staff and volunteers,” said Patrick Nicol, RDNO chairperson.

“The community does get excited when the facility is explained to them.”


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