Steve Jacobs

Steve Jacobs

Star shines in Aussie spotlight

Okanagan powder has been served up for breakfast in Australia.

Okanagan powder has been served up for breakfast in Australia.

Silver Star Mountain Resort was under the spotlight Tuesday during weather segments on Channel Nine’s Today show, which has two million viewers.

“It’s really exciting,” said Robin Baycroft, Silver Star’s resort services manager.

“To be on Australia’s most popular morning TV program is great.”

The segments were aired live in Australia Wednesday morning (24-hour time difference).

Checking out the Star was Steve Jacobs, Today’s weather presenter since 2005.

“He fell in love with this place,” said Baycroft.

Among Jacobs’ activities was touring the village, hitting the slopes, checking out the cinnamon buns at Bugaboos Bakery Cafe and sitting down to a Randall burger at the Den Bar and Bistro.

“It’s like a Man vs. Food challenge. It’s three pounds of food,” said Baycroft of the culinary creation named after Marty and Patrick Randall, who work at the Star.

Jacobs was also introduced to Silver Star’s considerable contingent of Australian employees.

“They all said hi to their moms and dads back home,” said Baycroft.

While in the Okanagan, Jacobs also spent time at Silver Star’s sister resort, Big White, near Kelowna.

“When you’re Canada’s favourite family ski resorts, having a personal recommendation and a little bit of fun with a personality like Steve Jacobs softly enters into the Australian sub-conscious,” said Michael Ballingall, Silver Star/Big White senior vice-president.

“Snow for breakfast when most of the country will be at plus-25 degrees will make for a little bit of fun.”

The hope is the Today coverage will lead to increased exposure for Silver Star Down Under.

“We will continue to hammer away with our travel providers in Australia,” said Baycroft, adding that 10 per cent of the Star’s total business is from  Australia.

Part of the attraction is that prime ski conditions in the North Okanagan occur while Australians are enjoying their summer holiday.

“They love Canadians. They can spend two or three weeks here at the resort,” said Baycroft.

The other connection is that Silver Star and Big White are owned by the Australian Schumann family.