Some residents are opposed to a 20th Street extension through BX Creek wetland. (photo submitted)

Some residents are opposed to a 20th Street extension through BX Creek wetland. (photo submitted)

Stickle Road fight resumes

Local environmentalists hope a political shift will detour a highway through a park.

The Sustainable Environment Network Society will hold a rally Saturday against Stickle Road being extended through BX Creek Delta Park.

“Send a strong message that we want to keep the wetland as is,” said Keli Westgate, SENS representative.

It was the previous Liberal government that approved the plan as a way of improving safety at Stickle Road and Highway 97, but the new NDP government is now responsible for the matter.

“After countless articles sent to the newspaper about people unhappy with the proposed redesign of the Stickle Road intersection for many reasons, it’s time to figure out something that works for the majority,” said Westgate.

“We’d like to see accommodations for pedestrians and bikes at the Stickle Road crossing and keep the beautiful wetland with red and blue listed protected species in it, intact.”

The rally will begin at the trail head behind Rona on 20th Street at 10 a.m. and proceed to Stickle Road.

“Bring big signs. We’ll take photos and then deliver to the MLA Eric Foster and mayor and council. Keep the pressure on,” said Westgate.

Foster continues to support extending Stickle Road into Vernon as a way of improving traffic flow in the area.

“The professionals have said the best and safest plan is the one on the table,” he said.

“I support the professional people in the Ministry of Transportation.”

Foster says he will provide his input if asked by the NDP’s transportation minister, but admits the issue, “is totally up to them now.”

Along with the one-way extension of 20th Street, the existing $9.5 million plan calls for a ban on left-turns from Stickle Road on to the highway.