Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer Fraser

Stickle Road plan attracts large crowd

Ministry of Transportation questioned over design at Highway 97

The Ministry of Transportation came under fire Wednesday.

A large crowd packed an open house at the Prestige Hotel and most were opposed to the ministry’s plans for a T intersection at Stickle Road and Highway 97.

“They’re not here to listen,” said resident Wayne Mather, who, like many of the people in the room, wants a traffic light.

Murray Tekano, the ministry’s senior project director, says a traffic signal could delay traffic flow, lengthen vehicle queues and lead to accidents.

He is also opposed to lowering the speed at the intersection.

“We think it would increase the possibility of folks driving aggressively.”

The ministry is proposing to construct a protected T intersection to allow for left-turns from Stickle Road on to the highway towards Vernon.

There would be a separate left turn with turn-around access for the Silver Star RV Park area and the ministry would eliminate highway cross-movements and left-hand turns from the RV park.

There would also be new acceleration lanes leaving Stickle Road and existing deceleration lanes entering Stickle Road from the highway would be lengthened.

Anyone turning left from Stickle on to the highway would not be able to use the 27th Street exit and would have to go over the overpass and use side roads to get to Walmart and the Village Green Centre.

Look for more in Friday’s Morning Star.