Strike impacts post offices

Canada’s postal strike is having an impact in the North Okanagan.

Picket signs have not shown up in front of local Canada Post outlets but staffing has been reduced.

“All temporary workers have been sent home,” said John Bail, Pacific director with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

The union also claims all part-time workers have had their hours reduced.

“This is not due to a lack of mail it is due to malice because the employer is upset that we are taking limited strike action,” said Bail.

“Postal workers are doing the best they can under these circumstances.”

Rotating strikes have been held across Canada, including Victoria and Moncton, N.B. Tuesday.

Canada Post officials say staffing levels have been adjusted across the country because of the rotating strikes.

“There is less mail in the system,” said Jon Hamilton, corporation spokesperson, adding that is impacting revenue.

“We have to do what we can to manage costs.”

The corporation is currently not allowing any overtime, and casual workers are not being used to cover for full and part-time workers.

Hamilton says there has been no reduction in part-time staff.

There have been some instances where mail has not been delivered to homes in Vernon.

“If a letter carrier is not available, we are not calling a casual worker in,” said Hamilton.

“If customers didn’t get their mail one day, they will get it the next day.”

There are no current plans for the union to set up picket signs in the North Okanagan.

“At this point Vernon is not included in our strike action,” said Bail.