Sugar Lake boat discussion explained

Interest in no boats on the Shuswap River but a boat ban or towing prohibition not backed on Sugar Lake

Further details are being provided about possible boat controls in the Cherryville area.

About 70 people attended a recent meeting held by the Cherryville Water Stewards to discuss boats on Sugar Lake and the Shuswap River.

“Towing was a non-issue,” said Clint Whitecotton, with Cherrvyille’s advisory planning committee.

Whitecotton added that there is no support for boat motor restrictions on the lake.

“The conservation officers were out there 10 times last year and they had a good effect. There is a need to follow the existing regulations.

“We’re not against big boats. We’re against a lot of noise. We want a family lake. People are coming there for that reason.”

The other consensus among those at the meeting dealt specifically with the river.

“There’s common agreement that there should be no jet boats on the Shuswap River both upstream and downstream of Sugar Lake,” said Russ Collins, who had initiated a petition regarding boats.