Suites legalized in Armstrong

Waived fees make it more affordable for landlords to legalize secondary suites

A number of secondary suites in Armstrong are no longer illegal.

Earlier this year, the city waived the $1,000 rezoning fee for property owners who wanted to legalize their secondary suites. Since then, five have been decommissioned, five have applied and three are awaiting a decision on suites in accessory buildings.

“We wanted to bring the properties along,” said Mayor Chris Pieper of waiving the fee as a catalyst for official sanctioning.

On Monday, council considered a rezoning application for a single-family dwelling with a secondary suite in the 3600 block of Warner Avenue.

“We gave the bylaw the first two readings and there will be a public hearing in two weeks,” said Pieper.

Pieper is pleased with the city’s movement towards legalizing suites.

“It’s been a success. It makes the suites a lot safer for the people living in them,” he said.

“It’s also good for the city because we get some revenue from the extra water and sewer hookups.”

Presently, there are six secondary suites that have not been decommissioned or gone through the zoning process.

“We are going to follow up with our enforcement officer to see what they want to do,” said Pieper.


However, the deadline for the waived rezoning fee has passed and any new applications will pay the full cost.