Suspect located in alleged assault at IPE

RCMP officer travelling by Armstrong's IPE grounds flagged down by security officer who reported a fight on the grounds...

Timing is everything.

An RCMP officer was driving by the Interior Provincial Exhibition grounds Aug. 29 when he was flagged down by a security guard, who told him about a fight that had occurred on the IPE grounds.

“Police located a 21-year-old Armstrong man standing on the sidewalk near the grounds with a black eye,” said RCMP spokesperson Gord Molendyk. “A witness told members the man pulled a knife on the other person in the fight.”

The suspect was arrested for assault with a weapon and handcuffed, but RCMP officers were unable to find a knife.

While dealing with the suspect, police found him in possession of 23 individually packaged one-gram baggies of marijuana.

“He was arrested for possession for the purpose of trafficking and a breach of his suspended sentence,” said Molendyk, adding officers were not able to determine a charge of assault with a weapon because no knife was found.

The incident was one of many that kept RCMP officers busy throughout the IPE, which wrapped up Sunday.

“Our officers assisted with reuniting parents with kids who went missing on the grounds, and there were liquor and drug incidents both on and off the grounds,” said Molendyk.

“But there was nothing that we weren’t prepared for. We had enough officers patrolling in and around the grounds.”