Teachers gather

The B.C. Teachers Federation will host professional development conferences today

Local teachers are hitting the books.

Students are not in classes today because the B.C. Teachers Federation will host professional development conferences across the province for teachers.

“These events give teachers a community to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared goals,” said Robyn Ladner, with the Vernon Teachers Association.

“Many Vernon teachers have saved funds and will be travelling to one of these conferences on the Lower Mainland. Locally, special education teachers have organized a conference that include topics on inclusion, technology, equipment and other issues that will help teachers support students.”

Ladner says the scheduling of pro-D days does not mean a loss of instructional time for students, as these days were added to the school calendar.

“The inclusion of pro-D days in the school calendar increased the number of days of work for teachers with no loss of instructional days for students,” she said.

“Although classes are not in session on professional development days, teachers use this time to work with colleagues to further their skills and engage in a broad range of professional development activities.”