Three pursuing North Westside seat

The race is on to represent the North Westside Road area.

The race is on to represent the North Westside Road area.

Incumbent Jim Edgson will go up against Dave Robertson and Aaron Dinwoodie for the Regional District of Central Okanagan seat Nov. 19.

“I would like to give residents a voice in how our community develops,” said Robertson, who has sought office twice before.

“I would like to restore fiscal control to the community and curtail the careless spending of our tax dollars.”

Robertson believes there is a need for more transparency in government.

“People must be given the opportunity to attend open public meetings where they can discuss community affairs,” he said.

Robertson has been a geological consultant and forestry warden. He was a volunteer firefighter for 15 years.

Dinwoodie is a former director and is involved in business consulting.

“There are a lot of issues being faced and I thought it was time to step up to the plate,” he said.

Among Dinwoodie’s concerns are RCMP services and land issues with First Nations.

He says there is also a need to listen to residents.

“It’s about making sure there is good interface fire protection, that we’re providing good water systems and we’re protecting the rural lifestyle.”