Tickets break up parties, drug use

Lumby staff were busy handing out tickets in parks last summer.

Lumby staff were busy handing out tickets in parks last summer.

The 2010 bylaw enforcement report indicates that complaints in parks and public places went from two in 2009 to 28 last year.

“I dealt with some parties, general noise complaints, youth drinking, drugs and vandalism,” said Lee Elliott, bylaw enforcement officer, in a written report.

“I partnered with the RCMP officer on shift most nights and the issues of teen drinking in the parks, Salmon Trail and downtown had almost disappeared by later summer.”

On nights where there weren’t patrols, some vandalism occurred along the Salmon Trail.

Mayor Kevin Acton isn’t concerned about the extent of illegal activities on public property.

“We’re addressing it by educating the schools and students, and the Safe Communities Unit is doing a great job and being proactive,” he said.

“We have also had lots of meetings with police.”

Acton believes that some of the problems may be related to a lack of organized activities for local youth.

“A lot of the incidents are related to kids doing shenanigans,” he said.

Besides drugs and alcohol, a ticket was issued for public urination.

Staff has also been monitoring alleged drug houses in the community.

“We have been told by our lawyers that the controlled substance house on Maple Street has been ordered to be demolished in the spring,” said Elliott.

There is also a second controlled substance house on Grandview Avenue, which is posted under village bylaws and vacant.

“The owners have done some work but failed their initial check by the environmental engineer and are currently working on his recommendations,” said Elliott.