Timeline undetermined for Greater Vernon cultural vote

Greater Vernon politicians want to review issues such as building size and cost

It’s not known when Greater Vernon residents will have a say on the future of cultural amenities.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee voted Thursday to delay a referendum on a new art gallery and museum. It had originally be proposed that a vote be in the spring but it could now be in the spring or the fall of 2014.

The delay is a result of officials wanting to review the proposal since a consultant has suggested the total cost for the original proposal is $35 million. Previously, it had been suggested that the price tag would be $17 million but that did not include land costs for the gallery and renovation of the existing museum.

“We don’t just want a referendum. We want a referendum that will pass,” said director Gyula Kiss.

“The more information we have, the better chance of it (referendum) being successful.”

Besides cost, the size of the proposed facilities will be considered.

Look for more details in Friday’s Morning Star.