John Topping

John Topping

Tour group heads to sister city

On Thursday, 50 people will leave Vernon for a trip to Modesto, Calif

The bond between Vernon and a U.S. city remains strong.

On Thursday, 50 people will leave Vernon for a 16-day trip that culminates in a celebration of 33 years of sister city relations with Modesto, Calif.

“The City of Modesto and its sister city committee have planned a May 12 civic reception for their Vernon guests,” said John Topping, who is organizing the Vernon tour.

In turn, the Vernon tour group is hosting a special reception for Modesto’s mayor and a large delegation of officials from the California city.

The visit won’t be without some fun-filled moments. Modesto’s mayor has challenged Vernon’s representatives to a 10-pin bowling tournament.

It has been over a year since the tour was announced.

“Hard work and fundraising by the Vernon sister city tour delegates means there is no cost to City of Vernon taxpayers,” said Topping.