Town centre tops capital projects priority list

The five projects are part of budget deliberations

  • Feb. 15, 2013 6:00 p.m.


Black Press

Lake Country council has laid out its priorities for capital projects.

The projects are part of budget deliberations.

“Council has set five major priorities for this year and the town centre development is at the top of the list,” said chief administrative officer Alberto De Feo.

“As soon as these goals are accomplished, the ones that are on the back burner will move forward. We will review these on a quarterly basis and every year they are received when we are looking at the budget.”

The council’s list of priorities are as follows:

1. Town centre development;

2. Liquid waste management plan amendment;

3. Integrated transportation framework approval;

4. Pelmewash Parkway vision;

5. Integrated community sustainability plan approval;

De Feo says the Pelmewash Parkway vision was introduced on the priority list this year because of the impending devolution of the portion of the old Highway 97 between Winfield and Oyama.

In addition, he stated that Okanagan Indian Band relations are emphasized as critical to the future of both governance and economic development in Lake Country.

District departments have also identified their major priorities  in co-ordination with council’s vision.

Some of those priorities include engaging stakeholders in a tourism strategy to help with economic development as well as working on improvements to community transit.