Town rings up cell service

Telus proposes installing telecommunications tower in Cherryville

Cherryville residents continue to move towards improved communications.

Telus has proposed installing a telecommunications tower on Cochrane Road so cellular phone service can be provided to residents and Highway 6 motorists.

“It’s something the community really wants,” said Eugene Foisy, regional district director.

Presently, there is no cell service in Cherryville except in some very limited pockets.

“I have to drive to one or two spots to get service and it’s a hassle,” said Foisy.

Telus is working with the provincial government to extend cellular service along Highway 6 as a way of improving safety for motorists.

“For anyone who gets stuck on the road or needs an ambulance or police, this will help,” said Foisy.

Foisy also believes a cellular network will help attract small businesses to Cherryville because some entrepreneurs need constant access with customers.

Along with cell service, the tower would provide Cherryville with high-speed Internet access.

The tower would be 70-feet in height, with a 7.9-square-metre shelter at the base.

The service could be operational by November.

“The purpose of this proposed antenna system is to provide coverage to the area that is currently unavailable as a result of no other telecommunication structure within the coverage area,” said Phil Barker, Telus real estate specialist.

“Additionally, there are no other carriers with towers in the area that would provide opportunities to co-locate. This tower will provide coverage for Telus and the opportunity for other carriers’ cellular equipment in the future.”