Residents along two Spallumcheen roads are demanding action about motorists.

Residents along two Spallumcheen roads are demanding action about motorists.

Township targets speed

Speeders plague Otter Lake and Otter Lake Cross roads in Spallumcheen

Motorists are putting their pedal to the metal on some Spallumcheen roads and that has residents demanding action.

Council has been notified of speed limits being ignored on both Otter Lake and Otter Lake Cross roads.

“We will send the matter to community policing so they are aware of it. It’s a problem,” said Coun. Ralph Leyenhorst.

In the case of Otter Lake Road, there have been reports of motorcycles exceeding the 70-kilometre-an-hour posted zone.

“Many local people with children walk on this road, there are horse riders and small children on bikes and there are also cyclists,” said resident John Eaton in a letter to council.

“Some people are extremely worried about exiting on to the road because of the motor bikes.”

Eaton says he has made the RCMP aware of the situation.

“The RCMP says they do not have sufficient manpower to be able to catch them and this fact is well known to the bike riders,” he said.

The other area of concern is on Otter Lake Cross Road.

Resident Barry Roman says a logging truck was recently doing 70-kilometres-an-hour in the 50-kilometre-an-hour zone while a transport truck was doing 100 kilometres-an-hour.

He has canvassed some of the residents about solutions.

“Six of them would like speed bumps and two want a no-truck route,” said Roman.

Mayor Will Hansma doesn’t believe banning large trucks from the road is practical.

“We went through that process before and it’s difficult to designate a no-truck route when there are large farms moving produce and hay,” he said.

“Enforcement of that would be out of reach for us.”

However, Hansma says the township has taken action through a Speed Watch program and the RCMP have initiated enforcement on Otter Lake Cross Road.

“There has always been a problem there because there is a subdivision adjacent to an industrial park,” he said.

“Staff and council have talked to the companies involved and asked them to speak to their drivers and to remember that there are children there.”