Track name up for grabs

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee will put out naming rights for the track and sports field

The name won’t necessarily be the name at the new track.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee agreed Thursday to name the track and sports field next to the college Greater Vernon Athletics Park but only on an interim basis.

“The opportunity is there to have naming rights available to businesses and sponsors. It’s a viable option,” said director Doug Dirk.

Staff had recommended the Greater Vernon Athletics Park to acknowledge to role of residents in development of the facility, but Dirk urged the board to take a different direction.

“Taxpayers are looking to see that the park is well managed and the costs are minimum.”

Dirk believes corporations will be interested in having their name associated with the facility as special events will increase their exposure.

“Look at Kal Tire Place,” he said.

Opposition to Dirk’s motion came from director Gyula Kiss.

“Taxpayers should be recognized first,” said Kiss of the $7.8 million that has gone towards construction.

Juliette Cunningham, GVAC chairperson, believes name sponsorship could be beneficial.

“Taxpayers prefer that we get any revenue possible to reduce the impact on taxpayers. It’s good to keep options open,” she said.