Training model evolves

There could soon be a new model for operating a regional function.

There could soon be a new model for operating a regional function.

Negotiations are underway that could possibly see the City of Vernon provide the fire training centre service under contract with the Regional District of North Okanagan.

“The chief administrative officers will bring back a proposal to the fire chiefs and then it will go to the councils and electoral areas for consideration,” said Trafford Hall, RDNO administrator.

The city has expressed concerns in the past about how the fire training centre operates under RDNO, and specifically the costs of the service.

“Vernon has indicated it will withdraw if the status quo is maintained. Without Vernon, the status quo will be costly (for other jurisdictions),” said Hall.

“Vernon is trying to demonstrate there is a better way to do it.”

Commonage Surveyed Over Fire

Commonage residents will have a chance to provide input on possible fire protection.

The Regional District of North Okanagan board has decided to survey Commonage residents if they support receiving fire protection from the BX-Swan Lake fire hall.

Presently, the 92 properties in the area do not have fire protection of any kind.

The BX-Swan Lake Fire Department, which is located on Silver Star Road, has indicated that it may be able to provide limited service to the area.

The City of Vernon was asked to provide fire protection but the request was denied because of concerns over road access and the lack of fire hydrants.

“Between the regional district and the city, we’ve handled it poorly,” said director Mike Gavinchuk of the failed discussions between the two parties.

Service could eventually be possible once the city opens a fire hall at Predator Ridge.

No Fight Over Coldstream Site

Coldstream officials didn’t protest a decision to not accept land for park in the community.

The municipality’s director, Doug Dirk, didn’t oppose a Regional District of North Okanagan motion to accept five per cent cash in lieu on the balance of the development at Coldstream Meadows retirement residence.

Dirk said there was no point in voting against the motion at the board table because it was going to pass anyhow.

The District of Coldstream had wanted  the regional district to accept 0.9 hectares on Mackie Drive from Coldstream Meadows for park.

If that had occurred, the business would have been refunded $90,938 in fees provided for a previous phase of development.

Dirk wouldn’t elaborate but he says, “there are still options,” for acquiring the land for park.

Mayor Jim Garlick has previously suggested Coldstream could possibly look at purchasing the land from Coldstream Meadows for public use.