Mike Molnar

Mike Molnar

Transformation continues at Lavington glass plant

Restoration Lands will create building material from magnesium oxide.

Industrial activities are moving ahead at the former Lavington glass plant.

Since acquiring the Hill Drive site in early October, Restoration Lands has been busy preparing the building for producing building material from magnesium oxide.

“Renovations are well underway and the offices are nearly complete,” said Mike Molnar, chief executive officer, in an e-mail to The Morning Star.

“We are still well on track for manufacturing in the middle of 2017, my goal is to have an opening for July.”

However, some manufacturing and assembly could early in the new year.

“We have already hired five of the former Owens Illinois employees and a couple of more in progress,” said Molnar.

Molnar is heading overseas to purchase equipment unavailable in Canada.

“I will be making some further great news releases upon my return,” he said.

Restoration Lands could ultimately employ upwards of 200 people manufacturing building material.

Complimentary businesses could also set up shop on the 91-acre site, while 20 to 25 companies could be part of an eco park.

The 450,000-square-foot was a glass plant from 1969 to 2008.

“The property has been extensively cleaned up, and it’s really starting to look like a business,” said Molnar.

“The excitement and the momentum is super exciting for the community, and we are delighted at the the progress.”