Trees at root of wind woes

Armstrong's public works department has received calls and e-mails from concerned residents

A March wind storm is causing concern for some Armstrong residents.

The wicked wind on March 14 knocked a large fir tree down across Okanagan Street, resulting in a nearly 10-hour power outage in the southeast sector of the city.

Since then, the city’s public works department has received calls and e-mails from concerned residents asking the city to remove other large trees before they fall and cause damage.

“The city budgets annually to remove trees that are dead, causing visibility issues or interfering with utility infrastructure,” said Tim Perepolkin, public works manager. “Any trees that are interfering with B.C. Hydro or Telus wires are dealt with by those independent utility companies as they deem necessary.”

Trees, he said, are not removed unless there is a known hazard.

Market contributes

The B.C. Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon has been beneficial in Armstrong.

The B.C. Association of Farmers’ Markets wrote the city to say the coupon program contributed $9,239 to support the collaboration of the Armstrong Farmers’ Market and Okanagan Boys and Girls Club in providing lower-income pregnant women, families and seniors with coupons.

Those coupons allowed individuals to buy fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, fish, eggs, nuts and herbs at the local farmers’ market.

“Program participants also learned how to prepare these foods into healthy meals,” said Jon Bell, president of the B.C. Association of Farmers’ Markets.

Road closure

Council unanimously agreed to a request from the Vernon Cam Jammers Car Club to close the east- and westbound lanes of Pleasant Valley Boulevard.

The request is to accommodate the club’s newly named car show, Rods N Rails, which will take place in Armstrong Aug. 15.

“We would need to barricade the road from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” said the club in a letter to council.

The club will block off the west end of Pleasant Valley Boulevard completely and have all show vehicles enter on the east end.