Brocklehurst Middle School

Brocklehurst Middle School

UPDATE: Youth shot with BB gun near school

Police on scene at Brocklehurst Middle School in Kamloops.

UPDATE: 1:30 p.m.

Police are now confirming a person was injured in an incident near Brocklehurst Middle School on Thursday.

According to Staff Sgt. Robert Daly, RCMP responded to a report of a weapons assault involving youth with a BB gun.

“The incident occurred off school grounds near Brocklehurst Middle School,” stated Daly in a release. ” Due to this the Middle School was placed in lock down until the police were able to resolve the incident peacefully.”

Three young people have been arrested in the incident.

A youth victim was shot with the BB gun has been taken to Royal Inland Hospital with minor injuries.

None of the people involved were students of the school.

Police remain on the scene as the investigation is ongoing.


Police in Kamloops remain on the scene at Brocklehurst Middle School in Kamloops, following an incident.

According to social media reports the school was put on lock down.

However RCMP indicate the incident is over, but claim it was a none event and no one was injured.

There is speculation a pellet gun was involved.