Vacant buildings draw scrutiny

Enderby continues to get tough with vacant buildings, TV funds help fire department

Enderby continues to get tough with vacant buildings.

Under the new vacant commercial and industrial buildings inspection policy, the first inspections were done March 30.

“At the first premises, the building owners failed to make available a representative to allow access by the inspectors,” said Tate Bengtson, chief administrative officer, in a report.

“The owners have been advised that the premises will be reinspected in two weeks. The total fees associated with this inspection were $1,100.”

At the second commercial premise, the owner was given 30 days to obtain a building permit for interior work currently underway.

“As the premises were otherwise generally compliant, the next vacant building inspection will occur in 60 days,” said Bengston, adding that this inspection generated fees of $550.

Coun. Shawn Shishido is pleased to see the regulation being pursued.

“We want some accountability (from property owners),” he said.

“We want vacant buildings to be occupied and brought up to code.”

TV funds help fire department

Changing television technology has bolstered Enderby’s fire service.

The Enderby Television Syndicate has ceased operating and the remaining $6,205 in its bank account has been donated to the fire department.

“It’s fantastic,” said Mayor Greg McCune.

The syndicate started in 1955 to rebroadcast CHBC and it ultimately expanded to include CTV and the Knowledge Network.

However, the group decided to fold as new technology has impacted how TV channels are received.

Current syndicate directors were Elmer Halvorson, Colin Matejka, Greg Halvorson and Dan Lutz.

The donation will go towards self-contained breathing apparatus for the fire department.