VantageOne Credit Union contributing large sum to community

Christmas Giveaway will see credit union invest $100,000 in communities it serves

VantageOne Credit Union contributing large sum to community

VantageOne Credit Union’s Christmas giveaway is a big one.

The credit union is announcing its VantageOne Great Community Giveaway, in which it will invest in its communities by donating $100,000 to community organizations on behalf of VantageOne members.

“In 2017, $50,000 will be granted to one organization with the remaining $50,000 donated in smaller amounts,” said VantageOne CEO Glenn Benischek.

“The board of directors will create criteria for applications from non-profit organizations in our communities and our employees will be involved in the final decision on the main recipients.”

For the past 15 years, VantageOne has said ‘thank you’ to its members with a turkey at Christmas, giving away more than 118,000 turkeys. Members donated more than 5,000 of the birds to charity.

“Based on member feedback, the board decided to change direction this year by retiring the Great Gobble Giveaway and move towards reinstating dividends on equity shares as well as investing in our communities,” said Benischek.

“This will provide a significant impact on the health and well-being of our communities and is inspired by the many members who donated their turkeys each year.”

The giveaway, said Benischek, moves VantageOne to a new level of community involvement between employees and the communities it serves.

“Our members have motivated us to serve our communities better by contributing in a way that has a greater impact on families and individuals,” he said.

An application form for non-profit organizations, will be available on the VantageOne Credit Union website at