Vehicles targeted by thieves in Landing area

Vernon RCMP have a warning for Okanagan Landing residents in the area of Apollo Road, Dallas Road and Longacre Drive.

And that message is to not leave valuables in vehicles following a rash of thefts from, and mischief to, vehicles in those areas over the weekend.

“We received about four-to-six complaints of theft from and mischief to vehicles, mostly Saturday night into Sunday morning,” said acting Vernon RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Gerry Kovacs.

A number of items were stolen from vehicles, and several vehicles had damage done as thieves tried to break into the vehicle.

Two bikes were also stolen during the spree.

Police are asking all residents to think of Christmas when it comes to leaving valuable items in a car. That is, out of sight, out of mind.

“We’re asking the public to secure their belongings and their vehicles, and make sure you remove any items that are in plain sight,” said Kovacs. “We’re raising awareness for people in those areas of the Landing. We want people to remove items that are in plain view from their vehicles. Don’t give the thieves the opportunity.

“If they can see something in a vehicle, a laptop for example, something of that nature, they will go after it and they will damage your vehicle.”

Police are continuing to investigate the rash of weekend thefts.