Byron Bolton

Byron Bolton

Vernon boat manufacturer expands its base

KingFisher Boats has purchased aspects of the Hells Canyon Marine brand in Washington State

A Vernon boat manufacturer is broadening its activities in the U.S.

KingFisher Boat’s Renaissance Marine Group has purchased certain manufacturing assets, inventory and rights to build and market the Hells Canyon Marine brand of welded aluminium sport and fishing boats.

“We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers and this asset purchase helps us do that,” said Byron Bolton, KingFisher chief executive officer.

Renaissance Marine Group is the manufacturer of Duckworth, Weldcraft, and Northwest Boat brands of heavy-gauge welded aluminium  boats sold primarily in the western U.S. and Canada.  RMG will continue production in its Clarkston, Wash. factory, and expand into the current HCM Snake River facility located nearby in the Port of Wilma.

“The hiring of the talented HCM boat builders and an additional manufacturing facility will allow us to better meet growing demand,” said Bolton.

“Our vision is to become the preferred heavy-gauge aluminium boat manufacturer.”

KingFisher Boats, which has a plant at Vernon’s Swan Lake, purchased Washington State’s Renaissance Marine Group in 2012.