Byron Bolton

Byron Bolton

Vernon boat manufacturer expands presence in the industry

WestWinn Group branches out with acquisition of Washington State firm

A Vernon boat manufacturer has made a major acquisition.

WestWinn Group, manufacturer of KingFisher, KingFisher Multi-species, Harbercraft and Jetcraft boats, has purchased Washington State’s Renaissance Marine Group, maker of the Duckworth, Weldcraft and Northwest brands.

“This is a move that provides employees, dealers and boat buyers more opportunities in the future,” said new owner, Byron Bolton, WestWinn owner.

“Both WestWinn and Renaissance Marine Group have led the industry in recovering from the marine recession of the past five years. We’re stronger now than ever before. Strong enough, in fact, to compete in local, national and international markets previously considered untouchable.”

WestWinn and Renaissance will operate independently and continue with existing management teams, physical plants, workforce and independent dealer networks.

“The combination of talented personnel, manufacturing technology, and broad dealer networks will enable both companies to realize their growth by competing even more effectively against larger segments and geographical markets of the marine industry,” said Bolton.

Bolton says there will be improved purchasing power, coupled with production efficiencies and research and development efforts.