Vernon councillor demands review of curbside recycling

"There have been literally hundreds of complaints," says Coun. Scott Anderson

A Vernon politician is trashing recycling collection.
Coun. Scott Anderson wants his council colleagues to consider asking the Regional District of North Okanagan to review how curbside recycling pickup is delivered.
“Nobody likes the current system,” he said Monday.
In spring 2014, RDNO withdraw from recycling under a provincial government-mandated initiative.
Multi-Material B.C., an industry organization, took over administration for recycling and a private company was hired to collect recycling.
Instead of clear bags, residents now use plastic bins and that has been the largest source of controversy, according to Scott.
“There have been literally hundreds of complaints. Seniors have trouble moving them around,” he said of the bins.
Other concerns have revolved around paper blowing out of bins and becoming litter.
Anderson says he has no preferred choice for collecting recycling – bags or bins – but he wants the matter reviewed.
Mayor Akbal Mund isn’t sure if the regional district should take a look at recycling.
“I have had problems with the system but any time there’s change, you have to adapt to the system,” he said.
“Personally, did I like the old system, yes I did because more recycling occurred.”
Presently, some material, such as plastic bags, are not allowed in the curbside bins and residents must take them to a recycling centre.