Dust advisory continues in Vernon. (Parker Crook - Morning Star)

Dust advisory continues in Vernon. (Parker Crook - Morning Star)

Vernon dust advisory continued again

The ongoing street cleaning throughout Vernon is reportedly a large contributing factor.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in collaboration with the Interior Health Authority, has continued the Dust Advisory issued on Wednesday, March 27 for Vernon.

High concentrations of coarse particulates are expected to persist until there is a change in current weather conditions or reduction in dust emissions.

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Persons with chronic underlying medical conditions should postpone strenuous exercise until the advisory is lifted. Staying indoors and in air-conditioned spaces helps to reduce particulate exposure. Exposure is particularly a concern for infants, the elderly and those who have diabetes, and lung or heart disease.

The ongoing street cleaning taking place throughout the City of Vernon this is what is causing most of the dust.

“I know we have like 600 kms of roadway to do and probably have to do two or three sweeps on each,” said Council member Akbal Mund.

More information on current air quality can be found at: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/environment/air-land-water/air.

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