Vernon fire department responds to allegations

City insists new command model will improve public safety during emergencies

  • Aug. 24, 2012 10:00 a.m.

Vernon’s fire department insists public safety is important.

In a release Friday, the department responds to allegations that Okanagan Landing firefighters were not dispatched to the Aug. 14 fire at The Rise in a timely manner. Landing firefighters say they will resign instead of accepting a new command model based out of the Vernon hall.

“The city wishes to reassure the public, in particular residents at The Rise, and others for whom interface issues and geographical circumstances make fire service response critically important, that the new model of service delivery enhances public safety,” said Keith Green, fire chief.

“The Rise grass fire, and the subsequent fire one week later near the Greater Vernon landfill, are both excellent examples of multi-agency response to major incidents.  Mobilizing resources quickly and effectively, responding under a single incident command structure, mitigating loss, and ensuring public and firefighter safety are the priorities for delivery of the fire service.”

Look for more details in Sunday’s Morning Star.