Vernon Jubilee Hospital overflowing with patients

The number of admitted patients reached 193 at one point Thursday

It was cramped quarters for patients Vernon Jubilee Hospital Thursday.

At one point, the number of admitted patients reached 193 ,although there are only 148 funded acute care beds.

“We’re always providing good, quality care and when we are this full, it creates another layer of challenge,” said Nancy Serwo, acute area director.

“There were some hallway patients but we keep those to a minimum.”

There is no clear indication as to why the patient census climbed to such a high level Thursday.

“It’s not unusual given flu and heading into winter,” said Serwo.

“It’s about our highest (census). We hit it a few times during the course of a year.”

The average census is about 163 patients a day.

Among the actions that have been taken to address overcrowding is expanding the alternate level of care unit and considering early discharge of patients.

“We are hoping to get some flow and the pressure will ease,” said Serwo.

It’s been proposed that two shelled-in floors in the Polson tower be developed for additional acute care beds.

The Ministry of Health is presently slooking at the business case and considering the financial ability to open more beds.

“We’re waiting to hear back from them,” said Serwo.