Connor Michael Tyson Dee

Connor Michael Tyson Dee

Vernon man jailed for crimes against girls

Connor Dee sentenced to 42 months for multiple crimes against children

The offences were so serious provincial court judge Mayland McKimm could not agree on a joint submission of a two-year sentence less time served for a Vernon man facing multiple counts of crimes against children.

McKimm sentenced Connor Michael Tyson Dee, 28, to a global sentence of 42 months for luring, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference with persons under 16, possession of child pornography and extortion, in Vernon Provincial Court Thursday. He was also given three years probation upon release from prison.

The offences occurred between 2009 and 2011 with five victims aged 11 to 17.

“I can’t agree with the joint submission,” said McKimm. “That is inadequate based on the severity of the crimes.

“I believe a sentence of two years less time served would bring the administration of justice to ill repute.”

McKimm sentenced Dee to 53 months but considered the fact Dee pleaded guilty to the counts, sparing the five victims having to relive their ordeals in a trial.

The sentence was reduced to 24 months with McKimm giving Dee credit for 18 months served in jail. He was originally arrested in Vernon in October 2011, released then arrested again in April 2012 for breaching his conditions.

Dee will serve the two years in a federal prison.

The court heard how Dee would strike up relationships with his victims through the Internet and social media websites, along with text messaging.

Dee demanded one victim send him nude pictures of herself or he’d harm her and her friends. He took topless photos of her in her underwear in a car outside of Vernon, though McKimm noted there was no evidence the photos were ever uploaded.

Another victim said the two met through the Internet when she was 13 and that Dee wanted to start a relationship with her, that he wanted her to have his baby and be his wife.

After she moved up north, the girl told Dee she was going to visit family. Dee met her at the Kamloops bus depot and would not allow her back on the bus. They drove to Vernon, where he fondled her breasts. She told Dee she was underage.

One of the most disturbing facts of the case came from a victim, 11, who said she had unprotected sex with Dee.

When Dee was arrested, police seized his cell phone and computer and found hundreds of folders and sub-folders with pictures of nude females.

One pre-sentence report assessed Dee at a high risk of “sexual violence recidivism,” and that he “lacked empathy for the victims – though he did feel shame for what he had done to his family – and lacked remorse.”

“In my view, the assessment of Mr. Dee as a high risk to reoffend is sound,” said McKimm.

Dee was sentenced to 12 months concurrent on four counts of luring; 11 months consecutive for possession of child pornography and making child porn; eight months consecutive for counts of invitation to sexual touching under 16 and sexual interference with a person under 16; five months consecutive for one count of sexual interference under 16 and a breach of conditions; and six months for extortion.

Upon release from prison, Dee, who showed no emotion during the sentencing, must have no contact with the victims.

He was given a 10-year prohibition upon release from attending a public park or swimming area where persons under the age of 14 are present or can reasonably expect to be present. That also includes daycares, school grounds and community centres.

He can’t be employed or volunteer in something that involves being in a position of trust or authority towards kids under 14.

He can’t use a computer to communicate with people under 14 and, in a decision McKimm struggled with, he is not allowed to possess a cell phone, pager or portable telecommunications device.

Crown counsel Margaret Cissell and defence lawyer Jonathan Avis did not speak to the media after the sentencing.

One person who did was Candice Klyne, mother of Dee’s child. She felt the sentence was too light.

“I don’t think it’s enough,” she said. “What he did to those girls will scar them for life. He should be in jail longer because of what he’s done.”