Scott Fochler finally got his heart back Wednesday

Scott Fochler finally got his heart back Wednesday

Vernon man salvages his heart

Anonymous benefactor gives Vernon's Scott Fochler sentimental piece of graffiti from old VSS he wrote 30 years ago...

Somebody with a heart has given Scott Fochler back his.

The same day Fochler’s story appeared in The Morning Star Wednesday about his repeatedly denied requests to retrieve a heart-shaped piece of graffiti he wrote 30 years ago on the walls of the soon-to-be-razed old Vernon Secondary School, Fochler was in possession of that piece of wall.

“I feel elation and satisfaction,” said Fochler Thursday morning. “I can pat on my own back and  express my gratitude towards so many people who were instrumental in making this happen.”

Fochler wrote “Scott + Doreen” in an enclosed heart with red stage makeup in November 1981 on the walls of the VSS drama department’s green room when he and then-girlfriend Doreen Markson had started dating again after breaking up.

The pair married when they were 19 and will celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary May 19.

The Fochlers saw the graffiti during a tour of the school in the summer of 2012, part of their class’ 30-year reunion festivities.

Fochler then started making requests to the school district in hopes of retrieving the art to give to Doreen as an anniversary present.

All of his requests were denied, mainly because of what the school district called contractual obligations with the construction company, who sub-contracted the salvage rights.

His children took up his cause, starting a “Heart of VSS” campaign on Facebook to try and get the piece of wall.

Fochler said he found out through his own digging the name of the construction company in charge of the demolition and, through his sources, was given names and phone numbers.

He made some phone calls and was originally told that the piece had been cut out and removed from the wall, leaving Fochler devastated.

On Wednesday afternoon, an unnamed person called Fochler to say they had his art piece.

“They got wind of the story before the story came out in the paper,” said Fochler. “From what I was told by my benefactor, they said there were no villains or heroes, they just hoped they had been able to be of help.

“They could not say where they got the information from, just that they received it and that they wished to help.”

The construction company and the Vernon School District did not return phone calls Thursday for comment.

Fochler will frame his art work and give it to Doreen on May 19.

It was originally supposed to be a surprise for his bride, but Fochler laughed when he said, “there’s not a chance of that now in you know where.”