Vernon-Monashee choices

What do you think is the No. 1 issue for voters and why should they elect you to represent them in the Legislature in Victoria?

  • May. 12, 2013 2:00 p.m.

What do you think is the No. 1 issue for Vernon-Monashee voters and why should they elect you to represent them in the Legislature in Victoria?

Scott Anderson – Conservative

The number one issue in Vernon-Monashee is the economy.  All other programs, including healthcare, infrastructure, social services, and even environmental stewardship depend upon it.

The BC Conservatives will tax less, spend smarter, and cut red tape.  Then we’ll get out of the way and let the real engines of prosperity – people like you – do what you do best.

I won’t ever make a promise I can’t keep.  When I tell you something it will be because I believe it to be true and not because I think you want to hear it.  If that’s how you want to be represented, I ask for your support.

Eric Foster – Liberal

The greatest priority in this region is to keep growing the economy.  A growing economy addresses the growing demands on our tax dollars, such as infrastructure, health care, education and funding for seniors.

Hwy 97 improvements, the new Polson Tower, new affordable housing, 46 complex care beds  and 2 new schools in this riding are all results of a strong economy, as is our $75 million commitment to skills training. We cannot afford the NDP’s weak economic leadership, which stalled investment here when they were last in government.  For a strong economy and a secure tomorrow re-elect Eric Foster in Vernon – Monashee.

Rebecca Helps – Green

The backbone of a local economy is local production of goods. In Vernon-Monashee, a strong economy should be based around food production: slaughtering livestock, freezing produces, canning produces, drying fruit, etc. This would create a wide range of jobs and secure employment not only for farmers and farm works, but also for local delivery drivers, electricians, millwrights, graphic designers, marketers, cleaners…This is how local economy is created. In addition to creating local jobs related to food production and handling we also keep money local when people buy locally produced food and food products which creates even more jobs!

Mark Olsen – NDP

We have a clear choice in this election: more of the same or a positive change. The biggest issue for voters is public trust in government. The Liberals have given us 12 years of saying one thing and doing another. They have given us unbalanced budgets and massive debt. As we know they misled us on the HST, which hurt businesses and jobs. Support for the Vernon Hospital was inadequate, resulting in only 14 net new beds. Our approach will put the needs of British Columbians first. I believe voters will say “yes” to change for the better.

Korry Zepik – Independent

Blocking the Tar Sands Pipelines and protecting our children from runaway Climate Change is our biggest concern.

We must cap CO2 emissions in 2015 to safely avoid crossing the point of no return and give our children hope for a liveable 2˚C hotter world.

At 4˚C civilization fails.

We are accelerating towards 6˚C of heating.

If the Liberals or Conservatives push the pipelines through, the Tar Sands triple, locking our kids into a 6˚C hotter world.

Voting for me or the Green candidate will not help.  The NDP are the only ones who can help our kids now.