Vernon politicians not satisfied with long-term plans

The master transportation and parks plans are still generating criticism

Some Vernon politicians still aren’t satisfied with long-term visions for parks and roads.

On Tuesday, the master transportation and parks plans were incorporated into the city’s overall official community plan.

However, some council members used the opportunity to challenge the fine details.

“There’s still a lack of a bypass,” said Coun. Bob Spiers of why he raised his hand in opposition.

Spiers insists there should be some mention of a possible highway bypass through Vernon in the transportation plan.

On another front, Coun. Scott Anderson expressed concerns that the parks plan restricts dog access at Marshall Field.

“The plan designates the strip along the creek as a on-leash dog park,” he said.

“In practise, everyone uses it as an off-leash dog park, and I would like to see the latter formalized.  I have fought for that every step of the way through the parks process, and this was a last kick at the cat.”

Anderson says there is also a need for the transportation plan to include a bypass reference.

Staying with the parks plan, Coun. Catherine Lord pointed out that the document only indicates a park being built where Civic Arena is.

“We could still do something with the building,” she said, adding that there is a need for public consultation to determine the future of the arena.

Coun. Juliette Cunningham was clearly frustrated with the debate over the parks and roads master plans, which have already been adopted and are just being added to the OCP.

“It’s a blueprint. It doesn’t mean we’re committed to anything but we won’t get anywhere without a plan,” she said.

Cunningham added that the master plans were developed after consultation with residents.

“We’re supposed to be leaders of the community and to put down what we heard from the community. We’re not signing any cheques,” she said.