Vernon residents warned about ice

City of Vernon is asking residents to be prepared for changing weather conditions

With warmer temperatures and freezing rain in the forecast, the City of Vernon is asking residents to be prepared for changing conditions and help keep roads, neighbourhoods and property safe.

Drivers should be aware that melting snow and freezing rain could cause icy sections. Drive cautiously and allow yourself more time to get to your destination.

“Please help keep our streets safe for pedestrians by shovelling the snow and removing the ice from the sidewalks and foot paths bordering your property,” said Tanya Laing Gahr, the city’s communications co-ordinator.

“When shovelling sidewalks, please keep fire hydrants clear of piled snow and avoid as much as possible piling snow on roads, storm drains or bus pickup and drop-off areas.

Pedestrians should be prepared for any and all sidewalk conditions and wear appropriate footwear and/or ice cleats.

“Please avoid using roads as footpaths,” said Laing Gahr.

“Remember that City of Vernon yellow grit boxes are available in high-traffic pedestrian areas near the Schubert Centre so residents can help keep sidewalks safe.”

Property owners are responsible for ensuring proper drainage of melt water away from their homes.


Remove snow from stairwells, roofs, decks and other structures that are susceptible to possible collapse or leaking.