Vernon weeds out safety issues

Vernon weeds out safety issues

Weed work is performed three times a year

City of Vernon contractors will be starting the spring weed program to control weeds and grasses that may impair traffic visibility, damage road asphalt surfaces and cause safety issues for pedestrians and cyclists.

Weeds are controlled with mechanical trimming that includes roadside tractor mowing, weed line trimming and a spray program for weeds on paved road surfaces with concrete curb and gutter.

Road shoulders in rural areas of Vernon, including the Okanagan Landing and Blue Jay, are maintained. The road shoulders are mowed with a tractor equipped with a flail mower. This work is performed three times a year.

Hand-line trimming is included in the program to maintain pedestrian walkways.

There are two weed-control spray applications each year. The timing of the applications are based on the life-cycle of various weeds and grasses being targeted. The first application will be in June, followed with the second application in September. Only vegetation that creates a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists or has the potential to damage infrastructure is targeted. Weed spray is applied with a fine-tipped applicator in the lowest possible concentrations directly on the targeted weed. It is sprayed in favorable weather conditions (no rain and little wind) by qualified vegetation control contractors.

The City of Vernon Good Neighbour Bylaw #4980 requires property owners and residents to maintain boulevards and lanes adjacent to their property. The City does not provide this service and does not include any funds in the budget for such work. The City encourages property owners and residents to maintain the boulevards for the beautification of our city and the enjoyment of all.

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