Vernon woman has a bear encounter

Hiker not injured after coming across a mother bear above Tronson Road

A Vernon woman had a close encounter with a mother bear Monday morning.

The 28-year-old woman and her dog were walking two kilometres above Tronson Road when they saw a bear cub in a tree.

“A female bear stepped on the path and she (the woman) raised her hands, yelled and backed away,” said Josh Lockwood, conservation officer.

“The bear never came at her.”

Lockwood believes the female bear was just letting the hiker know that her and a cub were in the area.

“There was no aggressive behaviour with the bear and it was allowed to proceed on its way,” he said.

Lockwood praises the woman for her handling of the situation.

“She did everything appropriately.”

Lockwood is reminding residents of Tronson Road that there is a mother bear and cub nearby.

“People need to be vigilant with their garbage so we don’t have to remove the bear from the area,” he said.