Village boosts fee for pot production

Those looking to legally grow pot in Lumby will pay a premium, blue box blues in village

Those looking to legally grow pot in Lumby will pay a premium.

Since legal medical marijuana production facilities are a new venture, the village is ensuring it doesn’t incur any extra costs. Therefore an annual business licence fee of $1,500 has been set.

“We almost doubled the cost of what Vernon’s is for medical marijuana facilities,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

“It takes into consideration some of the things that need to be done in order to facilitate that type of business licence.”

Blue box blues

Lumby residents will be packing up even more recyclables and driving them to Vernon themselves if they want to keep them from the landfill.

The new recycling program will see Emterra Environmental trucks making pick ups around the village Tuesday. But there are concerns about the new program, particularly since plastic bags and film can no longer be recycled.

“Now we’re looking at using fuel to drive in something that used to be picked up before,” said Mayor Kevin Acton, as there is no depot in Lumby.

“Somebody up there really needs to figure out how to take everything that can be recycled.”

The reason plastic isn’t accepted is it is difficult to separate, according to Multi-Material B.C. (the program provider).

“Meaning that less of the plastic film, and less of the other material, is recycled,” states MMBC on its website.

Acton understands that and can see why this new system is being put into place.

He also points out that MMBC has very strict regulation on how much contamination there can be and there are even fines.

But the new program just doesn’t make sense, said Acton.

“It didn’t come together the way the province thought it would I don’t think.”