Village builds on inspection service

Lumny shifts to private company for building inspection instead of RDNO

Lumby is getting into the building inspection business.

Council has decided to hire Lethbridge-based Outwest Building Inspection Consultants to provide building inspection services instead of using the Regional District of North Okanagan.

“We will have more staff involvement to help developers close to home,” said Mayor Kevin Acton, adding that the shift will provide council with more control over the function.

The cost of using Outwest could vary depending on the workload.

“It could be cheaper or it could be more expensive depending on how much development occurs in the community,” said Acton.

Acton insists that the decision to step away from RDNO building inspection doesn’t mean there was dissatisfaction with that service.

“Their department is full of excellent people,” he said.

It’s believed the new building inspection program in Lumby will begin Jan. 1.

Outwest has also recently been contracted by Armstrong.