Village conducting cannabis sales survey

Village conducting cannabis sales survey

Questionnaire can be found online at village website,

The Village of Lumby is requesting residents’ input on the retail selling of cannabis.

Residents are being urged to complete a questionnaire found on the village website at

“This questionnaire is for informational gathering purposes only,” said Mayor Kevin Acton. “Results are not binding.”

The federal government is proceeding with the legalization of recreational use of cannabis, and now that the Province of British Columbia has released a guide which provides details regarding their intentions for the licencing and operation of non-medical cannabis retail stores, local governments need to prepare for legalization.

To view the Province of B.C. Cannabis Private Retail Licensing Guide – Applications and Operations, click here. A news release provides further information from the provincial government on B.C. working toward the federal government’s timeline for legalization of non-medical cannabis.

For additional resources:

Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis (Federal government);

Local Government To Do List to Prepare for Cannabis Sales (Lidstone & Company);

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