Village drivers ignore seat belts

A significant number of Lumby and area residents are failing to buckle up

A significant number of Lumby and area residents are failing to buckle up.

A three-hour watch by RCMP at the four-way stop in Lumby revealed more than 78 seatbelt violations.

“We’re in 2016 and I’m pretty sure B.C. has had seatbelt laws for 30 years,” said Cpl. Trevor Tribes. “There’s really no excuse for people not wearing their seatbelts.”

The watch from several months ago also revealed a dozen people who failed to stop at the intersection and a number of other infractions.

“We continue to see people driving and texting or talking on their cell phone,” said Tribes.

A subsequent watch right outside the police office revealed another 12 seatbelt infractions, two individuals on their cell phones, one motorist speeding and another with no insurance.

The actions have the village mayor cautioning residents to play it safe behind the wheel.

“I would urge people to pay attention on the roads, cars kill,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

Meanwhile, Tribes report did reveal that the number of calls to Lumby RCMP are down.

“And the types of calls are less serious,” said Acton.

One type of call which frustrates members is those who call not even realizing it.

“We get a lot of pocket dials, pocket 911 dials,” said Tribes. “So we drive around in circles and we don’t see anything, it’s a bit frustrating.”

Meanwhile the RCMP is making a difference in the lives of children through the Read with Me program with Const. Gary McLaughlin.

Tribes is pleased to report that since September, several students have already reached the 100-book mark.