Village increases water rates

Lumby residents will be paying more for water.

Lumby residents will be paying more for water.

On Monday, council gave three readings to the water rates bylaw, which will include a flat rate fee of $12 and then 64 cents per cubic metre.

“The average home will see their cost go from $240 to $310 annually depending on how much water they use,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

The village has operated on a flat rate system, but a consumption-based rate has now been implemented because of the move towards water meters.

While he says the increase will hit some residents hard, Acton believes a rate hike is necessary.

“We completed the water treatment utility and we know what the cost is and what the lifespan of the system is,” he said.

“Part of it is covering depreciation and operations.”

Third reading has also been given to changes to the sanitary sewer rates bylaw.

There will be a flat rate of $12 for sewer and then a cost of 40 cents per cubic metre.

For the average residence, the annual sewer bill will go from $171 to $247 a year.

The rates bylaws still require final adoption from council.