Village life revealed through numbers

As part of its Official Community Plan review, the village recently surveyed residents on life in Lumby

Survey says: Lumby needs more jobs.

As part of its Official Community Plan review, the village recently surveyed residents on life in Lumby.

Of the 122 surveys submitted, the greatest portion of respondents are in the 60 to 69 age bracket.

The majority of respondents (49 per cent) have lived in Lumby for less than one to 10 years while one quarter have lived in the village for more than 20 years.

There were 35 respondents who indicated they expect to move away from Lumby within the next three years, many due to medical/age-related challenges.

Respondents had positive results about the quality of life in Lumby, with many calling it a good place to live, raise a family and retire.

“The one category which was highlighted as needing improvement relates to employment opportunities within the village,” states the report summary by Regional District of North Okanagan planner Marnie Skobalski, as 81 per cent indicated opportunities to be very poor.

It was listed as the top improvement which would increase the experience of living in Lumby, followed by economic diversity and maintenance of streets and sidewalks.

But what residents said they enjoy about Lumby is the small town size and character, sense of community and friendly people, natural areas and the fact that it’s affordable.

“In regards to transit use only 15 per cent of respondents indicated they utilize the bus to and from Vernon,” reads the report as 81 per cent indicated they drive their own vehicle.

The population growth for Lumby is expected to exhibit moderate growth over the next two decades (.82 per cent a year), compared to the Regional District of North Okanagan growth expected to increase 1.2 per cent annually. The numbers, using Statistics Canada and BC Stats data, also shows stronger annual growth rates for Vernon 1.45 per cent, Armstrong 1.52 per cent, Enderby 1.46 per cent and Coldstream 1.26 per cent.

Therefore the anticipated housing demand between now and 2031 is 119 for Lumby or seven per year (with a 255 total population increase) and 8,058 for RDNO (with a 16,949 increase).

A public open house is slated for late September where draft Guiding Principles and Goals will be presented for feedback.