Village marks Canada's 150th

Village marks Canada’s 150th

Lumby seeks Fire Smart grant, approves emergency services

Lumby is getting ready to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

Council met with eight residents Monday about Canada Day festivities and celebrating the 150th anniversary of confederation.

“Because it’s Canada’s 150th birthday, we have decided to put on an expanded display,” said Coun. Nick Hodge.

The village has committed $5,000 for the activities.

“We hope the regional district will help out and the chamber of commerce is offering help,” said Hodge.

Wildfires a concern

Lumby is taking additional steps to reduce the potential risk of wildfire.

The village will apply to the provincial Fire Smart Program for a grant to clean up an area near Cedar Ridge. Activities will include removing dead limbs and needles.

“We can experience pretty dry summers. We want to make sure we are prepared,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

Emergency services approved

The Village of Lumby wants to ensure those impacted by emergencies are looked after.

Council has agreed to join the Regional District of North Okanagan in using the Canadian Red Cross for emergency social services.

”The Red Cross is a large organization and it has done a lot of good work so it doesn’t make sense for us to do something on our own,” said Coun. Randal Ostafichuk.

Lumby’s contribution to the program will be $1,700 annually.

Among the situations where ESS would assist are fires.

“Partnering with the Red Cross allows us to work alongside local authorities from the beginning of the emergency or disaster right through to the recovery process helping ensure people access to seamless care and necessities,” states the Red Cross.