Village passes tax hike

Lumby adopts 2013 financial plan, which includes three per cent tax increase

Lumby’s budget is a done deal.

Council has adopted the 2013 financial plan, including a three per cent tax increase.

“We want to maintain services without a major tax increase,” said Coun. Randal Ostafichuk.

The budget means the average home will see a $23 increase in taxes.

The hike will generate $25,000 for the village and the focus is preparing for major infrastructure upgrades.

“We need to put money away in reserves and plan for the future,” said Ostafichuk.

Water rates reviewed

It’s undetermined whether water rates will climb in Lumby this year.

Council members will meet Monday to discuss water rates in case changes are needed to bylaws.

“We’re going to go over everything and make sure enough income is coming in,” said Coun. Lori Mindnich.

“We will discuss whether rates need to go up or they can stay the same.”

Grant application supported

The Village of Lumby is rallying behind culture.

Council is supporting the Monashee Arts Council’s application to the provincial government  for funds to develop a play, The Moose Under Sleeping Coyote.

“It will reflect on the history of Lumby and the surrounding valley,” said Coun. Nick Hodge.

“The proceeds of the grant will be a great benefit to the organization as it continues to provide leadership in developing a strong and vibrant arts community in the Lumby area.