Village stays out of function

Lumby doesn’t want any say over land use issues at Silver Star.

Lumby doesn’t want any say over land use issues at Silver Star.

The village has turned down an opportunity to join the Regional District of North Okanagan’s Silver Star planning function.

“It’s not about the resort’s big projects,” said Mayor Kevin Acton of the function’s mandate.

“This is about someone wanting a property setback or a garage.”

Acton says it would have cost the village between $1,800 and $2,500 to join the function and it wouldn’t help with major issues like possibly constructing a new road between Silver Star and Lumby.

“For that kind of money, we can make decisions on our own properties and not someone else’s.”

Currently, the only participants in the RDNO function are the electoral areas, Vernon and Spallumcheen.

Support for restorative justice

The Village of Lumby will rally behind an alternative justice model even if it opposes a regional approach.

Council has decided not to participate in a Regional District of North Okanagan function to fund the Restorative Justice Society.

Instead, the village will provide a grant to the society directly or entering into a contract to receive the service from the City of Vernon, which oversees the program.

“I support the aims of the Restorative Justice Society and its base of committed volunteers,” said Coun. Nick Hodge.

“The program gives people at a critical juncture an opportunity to choose a different direction in their lives. It’s not for everyone, but when it is successful, it can reduce costs for the criminal justice system.”

Through restorative justice, people who have committed an offence meet with the victim to talk about what happened and what can be done to correct the situation.  If possible, it is a way for the offender to remain out of jail and turn their life around.