Village sticks to anti-idling bylaw

Lumby standing firm despite letter from resident protesting anti-idling rule

The Village of Lumby is not backing off its anti-idling policy.

Council is standing firm despite a letter from a resident protesting the rule that applies to commercial motor vehicles running in a residential area for more than three minutes. The fine is $100.

“The bylaw has been in place for a long time and it’s one way that we’re moving towards a carbon neutral community,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

In the letter, the resident stated: “You cannot take off driving (in a diesel pickup) after three minutes in the middle of winter. You cannot drive until you can see.”

However, Acton doesn’t support that argument.

“There are other ways to prepare your vehicle such as plugging in oil heaters to keep the engine warm or covering windows to prevent frost,” he said.

One of the reasons the village created the bylaw was because of the noise commercial trucks can generate for residents.

“We have complaints of idling downtown with big trucks,” said Coun. Jo Anne Fisher.

“There are issues of pollution, annoyance and noise.”