Village supports service departure

Lumby has no problem with a neighbour walking away from a shared program.

Council will notify the Regional District of North Okanagan that it consents to Armstrong withdrawing from the economic development service.

“It’s just a grant function,” said Lumby Mayor Kevin Acton of the only purpose of the service which provides funds to economic development initiatives.

Armstrong officials have stated they have no land for industrial development so there isn’t a need for them to participate in economic promotion.

Acton believes it is a move Lumby may also follow to ensure taxpayers’ dollars are being used efficiently.

“Times are tight and we’re trying to bring financial matters closer to home,” he said.

However, Acton says the village continues to be interested in economic development and projects that benefit the region.

“Even if we bring the function home, we still need to look at regional events. With the World Cup at Sovereign Lake, it was a major event and a great success.”

All other North Okanagan jurisdictions are being asked if Armstrong can withdraw from the function.