Village voters give Acton another chance

Lumby incumbent prepares action plan for a new council

Kevin Acton has been re-elected to another term as mayor of Lumby.

Kevin Acton has been re-elected to another term as mayor of Lumby.

Following a three-way race for mayor in Lumby, residents have voted to keep Kevin Acton.

The 44-year-old massage therapist will continue his role as mayor after topping the polls Saturday with 306 votes (according to unofficial results).

Challenger Jim McEwan came in second with 229 votes, while Janet Green garnered 133 votes.

Celebrating the announcement at home Saturday night with his campaign manager excitedly screaming in the background, Acton admits this election caused some concern.

“It was always a worry because of the one-issue debate going on in Lumby,” said Acton, referring to the prison.

“But correctional facility or not, Lumby’s got a long ways to go.”

And Acton is eager to lead his new team on council to help the village prosper.

McEwan agrees that Lumby has some incredible opportunities, and he had hoped to be the one to lead the village forward.

“I just saw that there was a really good opportunity to add a business approach to the community,” said McEwan, who plans to lend his business sense at economic development committee.

Green, a former councillor who stepped up to challenge the incumbent mayor, has confidence in Acton.

“I’m sure Kevin will do a good job,” said Green, who was a little shocked by the election results.

“I’m a little surprised it wasn’t a bit closer,” said Green, who also plans to continue playing a role throughout the community.

All candidates agreed that democracy played out well this election, as the village saw a voter turnout of 51 per cent.

“There was actually an unbelievable turnout,” said McEwan.

Acton adds: “It was one of the highest percentage of voters to turn out in many years.”

He suspects that having a choice helped draw more residents to the polls Saturday.

“One of the things I was thankful for was having the competition,” said Acton.

“It brought people out.”