Water content at 41-year high

Greater Vernon residents should have enough water to get through the hot days of summer.

Recent monitoring indicates sufficient snow levels at the higher elevations of the Aberdeen Plateau, which where the Duteau Creek water source is located.

“The water content of the snow is the highest it’s been at this time of the year since 1970,” said Arnold Badke, engineering general manager with the North Okanagan Regional District.

“Last year at this time, there was no snow left in this area.”

As a result of low snowpack and reservoir levels in spring 2010, severe water restrictions were initiated.

Presently, Greater Vernon residents must comply with stage one restrictions (odd-even days), which are in place year-round.

Officials believe there should be enough water for summer and the remainder of the year.

“All of the signs are positive but vigilance is taking place,” said Badke.

Residents are encouraged to conserve water where they can because a change in weather conditions could negatively impact the snowpack.

“If the snow is not getting to our reservoirs because the melt is taking a long time and it (the water) is evaporating, there is a concern,” said Badke.

Badke says there is the possibility that parts of Greater Vernon could experience flooding this spring.

“It depends on how fast the snow melt takes place,” he said.